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Welcome! Come Introduce Yourself


Greetings and welcome to the Pandora for Creators Community! This is a space to learn about AMP tools, connect with other creators and get support.

My name is Chris and I am one of the Moderators and a Senior Support Specialist on the AMP team 🙂

If you are new to Pandora for Creators, please introduce yourself! You can feel free to include:

• A link to your music and/or podcast on Pandora
• An artist that inspires you
• Your favorite AMP tool

I’m happy to kick this off!

Here is a link to my band on Pandora.

David Byrne is an artist who truly inspires me. I was fortunate enough to see him perform a few years ago and marveled at how he was able to reimagine songs I’ve heard a million times to sound fresh & exciting with new live arrangements.

The AMP tool I think is special is Artist Audio Messages. It is such a unique way to connect with your audience that can only be found on Pandora.

Once again, welcome and don’t feel shy!

Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support
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Opening Act 

yo poppy Latin artist and music producer 

Opening Act

Hi I'm CMDess and am on the Pandora system for a few. I am a music maker who spent 12 years in San Francisco, California but am originally from Florida. I am currently in Florida and making music with the gigantic combination of things I've been exposed to over the years. My family is musically oriented I'd say and that was where the seeds were planted to become involved with music creation. I didn't actually take much serious developmental attention to music until in my teen years when I heard the work of Russian composer Prokofiev. Later on I also got going with modern music based on my deep research into both worlds. My mother is a Broadcast DJ since my childhood for a syndicated station in Gainesville, FL and my father (who passed in my childhood) had attended Juilliard and was supposedly friends with Chick Corea. My grandfather was the big influence though, allowing me the time to pursue such things as music in my youth as a fellow artist. My most influential creatives on the modern side where Seal and MJ. I got to work with a person who did some work for Seal and Hans Zimmer in California. I have done and explored many styles of music. I have something like 500-600 works in ASCAP (800 when combining the different elements). I created Groove Shadows and something called XRIFFz, I suppose I mean to say I gave some aspects of musical phenomena a name and aimed to develop them in my production technique. I spend a monumental amount of my free time creating music and looking into progressive ideas for it. I generally have several projects in the pipeline as well to say the least. Glad to be on Pandora, I'll cut it off here with some links!

Moderator Edit: Link sharing


Hi i am skylar and privately message me

skylar catherine bolin

Opening Act

Hello my name is J-Didda, I represent Creative & Soulful Entertainment our main artist is rising R&B artist is Nyasia Chane'l 

Her latest single is entitled "Rain" click here to listen 

I am also a curator and founder of we have a list here on Pandora please feel free to follow and submit music to us "My Pop Sh!t" Playlist 


Local Performer

Hi Chris, I go by the artist name of SnapShotNYC. I love photography and music. I live in New York City. I learned to produce music on my own and loved it ever since. I have a lot to learn but I enjoy creating new projects and learning new music techniques to make my productions better.

An artist that inspires me or a group I should say is Massive Attack and Ed rush & optical. one is dance & electronic genre while Ed rush is drum and bass fast paced style electronic music.

I am thankful to be here to produce more unique productions and learn from the community as well.

At the moment I do not have a favorite AMP Tool. I guess it would be the option to update your profile pic. if anyone could recommend me more useful tool I would appreciate it.

my music links are below

SnapShotNYC on Pandora | Radio, Songs & Lyrics

Youtube Channel.



Hi @yopoppy , @CMDess , @lovejayson1234 and @Jdidda 👋! Welcome to the Pandora for Creators Community. Please feel free to start threads about AMP topics you're interested in or email us at


Hi Pandora community! Great to be here! My name is Steve and I’m the creator of Velvet Hush Collective. I’m a new artist to hit the LoFi scene, producing rhythmic beats and laidback vibes. Please check out my page and let me know what you think! I just released my first single and am putting the final touches on several more so I can get them out there. Love learning about you all! Cheers!


Hey Chris thanks for introducing yourself.I am brand new to Pandora. A fellow artist told me about it and has really benefitted  from the collaborations and the tools. I don’t have a favorite AMP tool yet but I’ll circle back on that.

An artist who inspired me deeply was David Bowie. One of the songs - Say Why Not - on my new album Shine On is dedicated to him.

I look forward to meeting other artists! . For now here is my site:

Opening Act
Hey what’s up everyone i get excited for new listeners and my fans comments
and repost I would love for you to come check out my catalog of music @
JGwopFrigid feel free to follow and add me to your playlists

Local Performer

Hey Chris.   I am Yoga Ninja.  Simply here to bridge the understanding of meditation and movement as a natural practice form of yoga as it has been practiced for centuries.  Movement is life.  Music is movement. Understanding its process within you opens one up to self awareness or Nirvana. Follow the movement.  


Hey Chris I checked out your band. I like the rhythmic & bass vibes and the variety of sounds. Lots of creativity. Cool vocals and poetic lyrics. Rock on! 


Thank you for sharing your story. It’s really inspiring. Keep going! 

Local Performer
Thank you for your email, i’ll check into it and get back to you.

Gideon Hansen

Local Performer


My name is Mason and I manage my band's streaming sites. My band name is Dead See. We play Alternative/Pop Punk-ish music. We're form Eugene, OR. I'm still learning the ropes on AMP and I have a lot of questions as to how I'm able to customize my band's page. For instance, I noticed that other bands have their social media links shown on their Pandora artist page. I've really been racking my brain trying to figure this out. I'm sure it's an easy fix though. 


I'm happy to be here and I really do appreciate that there is a forum of sorts for the creator community. My band's page URL is: We have a new single scheduled for release on 20JAN. I can't wait to share it with everyone! I hope everyone has a great day.





Local Performer

Hello my name is Alicia Mitchell, from Texas! Thank you so much for allowing me to join Pandora for creators. I’ve been honored to have my podcast Overcome the Challenge OTC featured with Pandora for about 2 years now! My podcast is internationally and nationally known and is all about Self improvement and Personal Growth! Please check it out! I came to stumble upon this lovely forum due to a small glitch within my episodes redirecting to another account. I believe some episodes are fixed but some still lagging. Please take a listen to my podcast and I’d love to collaborate with others as well in any way! Also check out my portfolio within Linktree!


Overcome The Challenge OTC 

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Local Performer

Hey, my name is Vincent Bugozi and I am an Afrobeats artist originally from Tanzania. I know we are not many Afrobeats artist here but I am excited to meet new people and creatives. My favourite artist of all time is the Afrobeats originator Fela Kuti. He was one of the first African artists to get signed to a major label. Taking African music to a whole new level.

Local Performer

`My name is Raphael Eligoulachvili, I am a French composer, my main instrument is the piano, my favorite genre is Movie Soundtracks, my favorites composers are Giya Kancheli, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nino Rota, Joe Hisaishi, Jonny Greenwood, Michel Legrand, Mica Levi. I share my time between the US and Europe.

Here is my bio link :

Here is a recent interview with No Dead Guys :

What I prefer in Pandora is the Start Station feature, IMO one of the best algorithm to create a radio station on the style of an artist.

See you around



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Local Performer

Peace, I'm Grizz. I am a producer, emcee, and songwriter. I also mix my own stuff.

My Pandora link -

Inspiration - Celia Cruz inspires me to continue making music until my last day. I want to be able to keep my groove as smooth as she did if I can live that long. She was consistent with her energy. That is something I would like to emulate.

Favorite AMP tool - I'm new to this, but the Artist Audio Message is a great idea. A little interaction can go a long way.

Much respect to everyone putting in the work and sharing their passion with the world.

Local Performer

Hey, Ya'll!

I'm Krissy Nordhoff, a singer-songwriter from Music City USA!  I am a staff songwriter and most of my songs are sung for other artists, but still love to carry some myself.  You can hear me here:

My influences range from Amy Grant to Ben Rector.  I love songs more than particular artists, really!

I have only tried the Artist Audio Messages so far.  Love getting to share that way as I feel it comes across more like "me."

Local Performer

Hey everyone I’m Jamey Murphy. I’m a singer songwriter from Amherstdale Wv. I’m 65 years old. I returned to music several years ago after a 20 year hiatus. I’m living my best life now. It’s so much fun to be a part of Pandora. I love checking my stats every day and seeing my music reaching people all over the country. I even have a small fan base in American Samoa. My music is inspired by so many artists I couldn’t possibly list all of them. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash just to name a few. Here’s a link to my profile on Pandora

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