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Playback 2022: End of year stats

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End of year wrap up like Spotify

When will the Playback 2022 be available?

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I would like to have this feature as well. it's really tough finding reasons to stick with pandora over spotify when basic stuff like yearly stats just get deprecated for no reason.

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Why doesn't pandora do yearly stats like Spotify does? They call it "wrapped" and it's awesome. It would be super cool to see my top artists, favorite songs of the year, minutes listened, etc. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE


What! No longer avaliable! That was one of the best parts. I guess I'm moving to Spotify and canceling pandora

I had 121,000 minutes of music I listened too on pandora this year. I guess ill be spending that time on Spotify next year.

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This is the last straw in my switch to Spotify

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lololol Spotify be watching this thread. Just got an email giving me 6 months premium free whelp

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I was really looking forward to this - all my friends have spotify and have been trying to get me to get it too, so I could do the fun things like this. I've subscribed to Pandora since 2013 and have a playlist dating back to then. But honestly, it feels like Pandora is really behind, and part of that is taking away a cool feature like this.

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How do you find out how much music you listened to.

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Something more needs to be done past Pandora, so I decided to contact corporate (SiriusXM Corporate Solutions) with this email.


 Surprisingly enough I got an email back saying that they would like to have a phone session discussing these concerns. I won't be able to talk to them until tomorrow or Friday but I going to try my best to get to the bottom of this. Im going to direct them to this thread and then they can see how people feel and maybe just maybe they will do something.

I encourage other people to reach out to SiriusXM Corporate Solutions aswell, because the more people that speak up the more they will have to listen.


I already cancelled my premium subscription. I love to see stats and since you already can’t link pandora to things like the way Spotify users can getting rid of year end stats is too much.

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As others have said, I think this is the final straw for me and I will be switching to That Other Music Platform going forward. This was a fun feature and people like being part of something bigger - sharing a year in music stats with each other and learning from it. It's just good fun. I feel like Pandora really doesn't stand a chance at competing anymore.

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Please tell me you're joking.

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Subscriber/user since 2008. Here to echo all the other comments. I have defended Pandora for years, but I guess it's time to change. Seems Pandora wants to relegate this product to all the aging boomers. Sad day, what a waste to subtract such a beloved feature. RIP Pandora

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I constantly defend Pandora against Spotify fans. And now those of us who use Pandora will have to deal with the embarrassment when Spotify users get to brag about their end of year wrap up. Getting rid of this feature makes no sense.

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yes this is a huge disappointment......all these spotify users are posted and I was going to post mine (from Pandora) so I could brag about Pandora....would've been the perfect business opp for them to have this avail so when someone post their spotify stats, people could come back with they use Pandora and here's that....sad and bad move Pandora....

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Why on earth would y’all remove it? Pandora literally **ahem**, the app is garbage

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I love seeing my playback every single year. My most looked forward to thing. I’ve had this app since I could remember. Like 7-8 years long. Guess I’ll finally go to Spotify

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Exactly my thoughts. I've been here since being a beta tester and a paid member for years and I think this-rather, your meek communication about this-is what is going to make me make the switch to Spotify.

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It sounds silly to some but I might genuinely consider the switch next year. I look forward to the yearly review SO much 😭😭

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Follow up: Just unsubscribed from Pandora and transferred my playlists to Spotify. You lost me, Pandora. Sayanora.

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So there won’t be one?

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