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Playback 2022: End of year stats

Opening Act

End of year wrap up like Spotify

When will the Playback 2022 be available?

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I have waited all year for this. I have a feeling I already know what my year consisted of. If this feature does not appear this year, I will 100% no longer be a subscriber. Long time subscriber here


I’ve actually been thinking the same thing. I’ve had Pandora for years, but I love seeing the listening stats from Spotify! I want to be able to play with my friends!! Haha


Extremely disappointed this feature is no longer being offered. I look forward to these stats every year and can't join in on the fun with my friends who use other services. As soon as my subscription is up I'll be switching to Spotify

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Absolutely stupid thing to do.

I remember last year getting my playback super late and I thought about switching to Spotify at that point.

If we don't get anything this year then I won't even bother with Pandora anymore 10+ years of loyalty gone.

You're always super behind with good features anyways. Hope y'all come out with something neat soon

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As others have stated, I may be leaving Pandora after about 10yrs being an avid user (I'm 25, and ball-parking because Pandora also doesn't let me know). They haven't adapted at ALL in my opinion over this term. The lack of social support, stats, or anything to even congratulate users about being premium by adding any feature is annoying by now. I've got many, many thumbed up songs, and love how Pandora sometimes uses the mass of data I've made by now to suggest songs & knows my taste better than I do myself. Honestly though, I'll probably go through the painstaking process to switch over EVERY thumbed song simply because y'all just aren't doing much. Where tf is my premium money going?? Surely nothing is put back into bettering the application, making it more intuitive, evolving, or anything of the sort. Y'all have really turned into the MySpace of music streaming, sadly. Now I get why my friends all say "Oh, Pandora?! Yeah, I used to use it..." because **ahem**, man... This feels like a break-up message, but I think this may be better for the both of us. It's not me, it's you...

Sincerly, regretful, newly ex-user

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Agree with all other comments RE: huge disappointment and I will be switching to Spotify. This is crazy. This is a beloved feature and we have been looking forward to seeing ours, also.


**ahem**... Seriously this might be what makes me jump ship. I've loved Pandora and have been using for 10+ years. But simple features are extremely buggy and not having this feature is simply depressing. Keep up or get left behind Pandora....

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Give us Pandora Playback please!!!

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Hi Adam, can you say why it won't be offered this year?


Do you have an email address you used, to get your response that you can share?

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The people have spoken and... it's time for change. Although this is a newer account I've been a pandora user for many many years. We like goofy graphs and analytical data. Music is such an important aspect of everyone's life, it gets us through the good and bad. Having something to go back to and reflect on is like dusting off an old scrapbook and reminiscing. Featers like this are a reflection of where we've been, what we've been through. I can tell you where I was in life just by the "flavor of the week." Sure it may be a silly feature to some, but to others it's a reflection of how our top songs got us through some of the hardest and happiest moments throughout the year. You have our datasets already, it's been a feature in the past. Although a few of us have voiced our opinions, several others will migrate to other platforms without a warning. Pandora has been a huge part of my life, and although it would be hard writing a new chapter with another platform I'm not opposed to it.

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I think I might switch over to Spotify next year if this doesn't get added back. I really like Pandora, and it'll be annoying to have to start over somewhere else, but this is important to me. Pandora, please listen to your users while you still have them

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Wow that's so lame! That was a cool feature.. Y tho!

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This is an extreme lack of awareness on the user base's desires. Spotify has been on this for years, and it's like achievements for Xbox and PlayStation but with music. This will lose customers of the younger generations. Guarantee.

Exactly my thoughts. Embarrassing to not be able to show my friends my Pandora end of year when they all have the Spotify wrapped. Last 2 years I've been able to meet them but i guess Pandora finally doesn't care officially for anything innovative

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This is the lamest. I've been a premium subscriber for years. I'm switching to Spotify.

So lame. I really was looking forward to this feature.

Because pandora removed this feature I just went ahead and signed up for Spotify premium. Canceling my pandora subscription.

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But… we like it

Can we have playback 2022 please? Or call it something else 😛

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Is there any way to access stats from Pandora listening like everyone gathers from other streaming apps? The ones everyone is posting on their socials this time of year. Thanks for your assistance!

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Why would pandora take that feature away. I pay for the no ads and what not I should be able to see what my top songs was and top artists. I will be ending my subscription today. And be switching back to Apple Music. I was looking forward to seeing that. 🙄😕

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Will be switching to spotify after this month is done, to get what I paid for. By discontinuing the playback you’re literally GIVING Spotify the upper hand. Been a user of pandora, faithfully, since probably 2012. Bad move man.

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Why? Seriously. I look forward to this every year. Everyone else I'm friends with uses Spotify. I'm paying for a premium family account. It's not asking a lot. I mean pandora is buggy on most days for me but at least I had this to look forward to. Guess I need to look into Spotify more now to see about changing to them.