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Playback 2022: End of year stats

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End of year wrap up like Spotify

When will the Playback 2022 be available?

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wow things have gone super done hill since being acquired by Sirius XM.

What features are being prioritized/what was the reasoning for removing this?


15 years as well. I have been thinking of switching, but all my history is holding me back. The fact that they added something that other streaming services have been doing for years and then taking it away just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I thought it was need and freon a business perspective free advertising from loyal customers

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I cannot believe that you guys have gotten rid of Pandora Playback. I'm livid and going to cancel my premium subscription at the end of the month. This was the last straw. Fix this.


Hey everyone, the feature has been requested once again. Please go add support to this feature request by liking it and commenting here! This is where Pandora pointed me when I reached out about this:


I admit that I still like Pandora, BUT I also really like that feature and wish that you would bring it back. Please. Listen to your customers, which actually you're really bad at doing. So while I'm on that subject, also add a feature to be able to combine playlists.

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Wow! Extremely disappointed!
been premium for years and this might be the reason why i switch! Guess will keep AppleMusic or even give a second chance to Spotify!

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Literally why would you do this. Ive screenshot my end of year playbacks every year for the past 5 years and you remove the feature. Grow some balls and add the feature back.

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Why has Pandora decided to get rid of this feature. It was really something I enjoyed.

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Yikes! Major Bummer! Seems like this is a no-brainer feature. Is there a business reason why it was removed?

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I am quite curious why! As a family plan subscriber and daily user/listener, I think I am entitled to an answer on this. 

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Ridiculous to discontinue! If you had told me at the beginning of the year I would have switched to Spotify. Are you going to bring it back?? To thank us now is patronizing. 


I think switching is the solution, too bad

Why did Sirius had to buy Pandora??!!! Stupid Sirius making bad decisions, is not bout buying a successful company but knowing your customers. I guess this is it for me paying a subscription. 

By the way I just started a trial on YouTube music and it soooo awesome!! Plus for a little extra i can get Youtube no adds plus youtube music. And yes they will a season personal review and a yearly review of the music u like. I may do it instead of the spotify monopoly. 


Absolutely, I’ve been using this app since 2014 and I am looking into Spotify now. The fact that they won’t give a reason behind this choice to satisfying their loyal customers is down right disappointing.

I wish we would’ve know about this choice beginning of year, I would have switched

I’m afraid you will be loosing a lot of loyal fans over this decision if you do not give us a valid reason for this decision 

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I have also been using Pandora exclusively since at least 2014 (premium since 2018) and have cancelled my subscription because of this Playback decision. I am sad to be switching to Spotify, but it is worth it for the annual review and listening data. Really wish it did not have to be this way. I am disappointed and confused along with the 100+ other users in this thread.

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Can Pandora please bring it back for next year bc I was really looking forward to it as I know many others were as well!

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I got a email today from Pandora titled "your year in review stations" I was really hopefully it was the statistic page we have all been hoping for but instead it was just my "top 4 station recommendations".

Like is this a joke? Did they really think by whipping this email together we would all be cool with it? I feel like Pandora literally does not care about their customers. It's almost laughable. 

Diamond in the Rough

The real loss Pandora will probably experience is fewer new members. This is how: Most people talk about things they like and don't like with friends. It's called word of mouth, and I'm pretty sure there are going to be many disgruntled Pandora users over this. Some may take their money elsewhere, but what I'm saying is that is the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine all the unhappy Pandora users around Christmas time when families are getting together and talking about their experiences with internet radio companies. Suddenly because you had a bad experience, now your cousins have heard it too. And, guess what that happy time where people discuss stuff is now a gathering of people discussing their dissatisfaction over their experience with Pandora. Pandora didn't just lose 1 unhappy customer, but in families everywhere they possibly lose future gains, including the not just the person who is unhappy, and not just the family that won't waste their time on Pandora because their relative didn't like it, but now the kids are going to go back to school, and when they are; they are telling not only their relatives, but their friends at school. Dear Pandora, with bad decisions like this one, you are killing your market share as you lose customers over bad decisions. 

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Why was the Pandora playback removed? I always looked forward to it now it's just gone, and no official reason why? 

I might just go to Spotify over this.

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It's free on Spotify. But I don't like that Spotify doesn't just choose the next song randomly. It makes a set playlist. 


I'm right there with you, and that's why I'm not making the switch. I just wish Pandora would listen to their customers.