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Playback: End of year stats

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Will there be a playback for 2023? I really enjoy seeing statistics from all of my listening and am jealous whenever my friends’ Spotify Wrappeds release. This has been a factor in determining wether I want to stick with pandora or not.

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I’m curious about this too 

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how does Pandora not have this feature. It’s stats you pull from our paid accounts daily. Why can’t that be shared to a community that every other company in the industry shares with. This is a disappointing answer that has left me discouraged as a 10yr customer. This will be the year that I’ll take the time to switch to Spotify or one of their competitors as the price does not supply as much value as others have for less or equal. So sad. 

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All of the people talking about dropping Pandora unless they bring this back, you should be aware that they have no intention of bringing it back and are counting on listener complacency. Basically that you'll be bothered for a little bit, and then forget about it and continue to pay for their service (or use the free one and listen to the ads).

I was where you were this time last year, and after waiting about a month I put my money where my mouth is and canceled my almost 10-year premium subscription to Pandora and signed up for Spotify.

It's easy to recreate your playlists, and the experience has otherwise been a seamless transition.  I just received my Spotify 2023 wrap up and it was fantastic.

The is because I was still apparently set up to receive notifications from last year


I was doing the same. Really too bad!

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You actually think some "Community Moderator" can bring things back at Pandora?  He doesn't work for them LOL

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Plenty of us have already cancelled our subscriptions.

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It’s an easy thing to add to your app. A lot of my friend have Spotify because of this. It’s cheaper, it shows the stats. Sure it sounds silly I’m mentioning stats but who wouldn’t wanna spend less for more!! Please tell your team to bring back the feature. This thread was made today.. and honestly, a lot of the public doesn’t even know how to access the threads. We speak for them too. The silent majority. 

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I came here to research this topic and after reading this thread I am wondering how much Spotify costs. 

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SAME like what was the reason for them to do that 😭

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As a loyal pandora subscriber, I would wholeheartedly love to have an end-of-year listener stats .


As much as I enjoy pandora, not having these minor extras like other streaming services do as a “thank you”; honestly is rather off-putting. 

I will consider giving spotify a chance in 2024. 

Pandora has had a good run of my loyalty. 

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I really want the year in review like Spotify. Time to jump ship. Bye pandora, loved you lonnnng time- 




A paying premium member....


Thanks for solidifying my decision to cut the cord. It's so hard losing Playlist though!!!!


Oh?? I didn't know I could bring my Playlist with me??? Yay! Byeeee!




My friends all make fun of me 😞

I def agree with this!! If Pandora dosent bring back “year in review” I’ll finally make the switch to Spotify. 
also I love your username. It really underscores the importance of this issue. 

I truly believe in your web developers to make this happen in 5 weeks. 
the data is already there. It dosent have to look pretty. the years isn’t over yet- GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT


Otherwise I have no issues with Pandora and truly see no reason to switch. But I will in 2024 is there’s no year in review. 

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Pandora offers very little. No yearly recap and no Tesla app. No idea why I bother keeping the subscription.

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Can someone explain why pandora doesn’t have the feature of showing you your top x amount of artists you’ve listened to for the year? Every other platform has the feature. I honestly think pandoras  getting worse and worse over time & I’ve been a member since 2014! 

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Great work team 🤡

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Y’all really hate your customers huh?

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Funny how it's blowing up right now on every other streaming service and you guys thought it was a bad idea and ditched it. 

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Would you recommend apps to help migrate playlists?