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Yearly Listening Statistics 2020

Local Performer

Just wondering if they'll do something like Spotify listing the top artists, songs, and how many hours. 

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Local Performer

I just tried to check the playback 2020 and it says they are still working on my list. check yours maybe it has posted? 

@Selena3299 it is now working. Here are my 2020 Pandora Music Stats.  my-Playback.png  Take care and stay safe.   

P.S I also listen to Pandora while I am working, I am self employed so I have the privilege of listening to music while working. I also listen to it when I go to bed. I am also single, so when I am home I pretty much listen to music as well. Be safe.   



Hey everyone. 😁

Your Playback 2020 Year in Review is now available!

For more details, check out this thread: Playback 2020 Year in Review

Feel free to share your stats with the rest of the Community as well!

Adam | Community Moderator

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