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Stations Switch Unprompted / Automatically

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How do I stop at my stations from automatically switching? I can be listening to one station or album and then Boom! A switch sound occurs and it goes to another station. it's frustrating. I have a subscription but I'm about over this! I could be listening to Drake and then it'll automatically change to my customized gospel station.  Ugghhhh 


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@Dgidgi To clarify, does the music switch when listening to your collected radio stations?

Or are you listening to an album or playlist, and the music switches over to one of your collected stations before making it through the full album or playlist?

I ask because I can see you initiated multiple Pandora Premium Sessions prior to posting your feedback on the Community.

When you accept a complimentary Premium Access session of Pandora Premium from Pandora (by interacting with an advertisement in order to listen to content on-demand), you'll automatically be transitioned into the Premium experience, which looks a little different from our radio-only or Pandora Plus experiences. 

These Premium Access sessions allow you to create playlists, or collect songs or albums to listen to right away, rather than waiting to hear them play on a station.

When your Premium Access session expires you'll be returned to your normal Pandora app experience, but we'll automatically save your on-demand music collection for your next Premium experience.

So if you were listening to an album or playlist, you will automatically be sent back to the free service at the end of the Premium session, and will be brought back to one of your collected stations instead.

If you're eager to jump back into Pandora Premium, you can always upgrade your account or check your trial eligibility on our upgrade page

Let me know if this helps. 

Adam | Community Moderator

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