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Using volume key to skip tracks

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I just changed phones from the Moto z3 to the Moto z4 and with my previous phone I could hold the volume up key and skip songs but not sure how to enable it on my new phone.

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Hey there, @Crashman911. 👋

Sorry for any inconvenience. This sounds like this would involve a setting on your actual device rather than the Pandora app. I would recommend checking the settings on your Moto z4 device to see if there is a way to do this.

Let me know what you find, in case other uses are interested in this option too. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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 no phone<><> computer

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@blk18college I'd be happy to help with any questions you have, but I will need additional information to do so.

Can you explain your issue a bit further? The more details you're able to provide, the better equipped I'll be to help.

I look forward to hearing back.

Adam | Community Moderator

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