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Asks for a device name when I try to stop it in car

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I've been playing pandora in my car via bluetooth for a couple years with no problem. However, the last few weeks I've been having problems stopping it. When I say, "Ok Google, stop Pandora", Android asks for a "device name". It's never done that before. If I answer " Ok Google, stop pandora on [my car's bluetooth name]". Google says "I don't know how to do that yet". The only way I can stop it is by using the phone itself, which I don't like to do while I'm driving. I've cleared data and reinstalled pandora on my phone but it didn't help. I'm running Android 10. I've also been using several google home speakers and I also run the web version of pandora on my Chromebook from time to time (I always log off when I'm not using the web version). I don't seem have any problems with these devices. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks!


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Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Hey @siegelr135, thanks for bringing this up.  I just tried a "Stop Pandora" on my car via Bluetooth and it still seems to be working OK.  I noticed in the past couple months or so you can say "Play Pandora in the {speaker/chromcast} name".  I just asked in my office to play on the TV in the family room and the music started there.

I then asked to play Foo Fighters on the Google Mini and it replied: "Do you want to play this on the Office TV?"  I said no and it just started playing on the speaker.

I then said "Transfer music to Office TV" and the music is now playing on my chromecast in the office.

So I think the GA glitch is that Google sees some live music thread from one of your in-home speakers and is asking you where you want to stop it.  You're correct in thinking this is new functionality.

Hope this helps.

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