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Auto with iOS: Unable to resume playback with bluetooth controls/ lock screen


The Pandora app regularly gets confused using the play/pause or on/off controls from the vehicle. When it locks up, I have to unlock the phone and get into the app to get it playing again. The Pandora part of the lock screen indicates that it's playing (and it isn't).  Any interaction with the lock screen controls will not get it playing again.  When I get into the Pandora app itself, it indicates that it isn't playing. Pressing play in the app will get it playing again.  This is very annoying as I have to interact with the phone to clear the lock up. Spotify & Audible work just fine. 2011 Toyota Sienna Bluetooth attached. iOS 13.1.1 iPhone 7 Pandora App 1909.2

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This is happening to me on my iPhone 12, iOS 15.3.1 and Pandora 2201.1. My Bluetooth headphones are in my ski helmet. If I pause the music using my helmet controls, it frequently won’t resume. I have to take off my gloves, take my phone out of my jacket, unlock it, close Pandora and reopen it. Super frustrating and not very safe while you’re skiing! What is the fix for this?

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I've had exact same problem last 2+years. Trek headphones, iphone w/ most recent updates - Apple ipods, any BT audio player  - same problem

I just bought a new headset thinking that was the problem. Nope - I can't restart music after my second pause of music. Have to disconnect BT and reconnect which is a rea PITA while biking.

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I’m still having this same issue, latest iphone (13 pro max) and software - both iOS and pandora up to date

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