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CarPlay - Pandora won't resume playback after being disconnected and reconnected

Local Performer

iPhone 12 Pro

iOS 15.4.1

Pandora v 2203.1

This is neither a new issue, nor is it a problem specific to one particular brand of vehicle, nor is it a problem specific to one model of iPhone, this is just an issue I’m sick and tired of dealing with.

You get in your car for the first time that day, plug in your phone, CarPlay starts, you start Pandora and you drive away. you make a stop. You get out of the car, bringing your phone with you. 15, 20, 30 minutes later… Two hours later, you get back in the car, plug in your phone, CarPlay starts, because Pandora was the last thing running it appears on your screen, but it won’t play. The status shows that music is playing, but nothing is audible. If you select a different channel or a different song, still, nothing will work. Now you are forced to defy the entire point of CarPlay and you have opened your phone and start up Pandora up on the phone as well. Still, no music.  You must now disconnect your phone from the cable, terminate Pandora, restart Pandora, and now music is playing on your device locally. You now plug it in to the vehicle, CarPlay starts, your music is playing, and on with your day.

I have experienced this issue on my iPhone 12 pro, my wife’s iPhone 11 Pro, my son’s iPhone SE, my other sons iPhone X, and my mother-in-law’s iPhone 11, all of which are running iOS 15.4.1.  Moreover, I have experienced this issue in several vehicles, several brands of vehicles, and several radio models. Currently, I can easily replicate this on three different modern Volvo Sensus-equipped vehicles, a Pioneer head unit with CarPlay, two different modern Toyota vehicles, a new Subaru, and a new Hyundai vehicle.  Given all of the above, it is safe to assume this is a universal problem, and not one specific to one brand of vehicle, or one model of iPhone.

Despite the fact that I have to run through the gamut of efforts in order to get my Pandora working when I get in and out of the car a half dozen times a day, it is some thing I never ever quite get used to doing. A fix for this would be swell.

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