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CarPlay: Unable to Skip Songs

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I have a 2022 Kia Carnival and when I’m using Pandora via Apple CarPlay, I’m unable to change the song using my steering wheel controls. The steering wheel controls will adjust the volume though. Additionally, when using Apple Music, the steering wheel controls will change the song, so it appears to be an issue just with Pandora. 

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@rachael123 I have created a ticket with our support team for you.

They will be contacting you privately via email to help look into this further, so please keep an eye out for their message.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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2019 Toyota 4Runner, pairing with an iPhone 13 Pro.

I am not able to skip to the next song via the steering wheel controls or on the dash using skip. I have to open the Pandora App on my iPhone and then hit skip, completely defeats the purpose of Hands-Free. Please help!

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Hi @Lexi4djr 

I would like to report this issue to our engineers. Could you tell me more about your device?

  • iOS version: (Settings > General > About > Version)
  • Pandora version: (Pandora > Profile tab > Settings gear & scroll to the bottom of the screen)


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Is this issue being addressed? I have a 2020 Toyota RAV4 and use Pandora. The steering control "skip Button" does not change over to the next song, I have to change it on my iPhone 13Pro. I was at Toyota this morning for service and they did a re-set of my dash screen. It works as it should with Sirus Radio and local radio but Pandora will not allow me to skip to the next song using the steering column button. I had a conf call with Verizon and Apple and in Settings I have everything checked as it should be but still. Hopefully you may have a solution, thank you.

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