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Pandora App in 2020 Honda Accord

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If i use the app pre installed on my 2020 accord and sign up for a pandora subscription do i have to use the data from my phone to listen in the car?

mod edit: changing title for clarity

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Hi @tmidsnew! 👋🏻 Thanks for posting. 

At this time, all Pandora automotive implementations require you to use a compatible iPhone or Android with an active internet connection in order to stream music in the car.*

If you need help with your set-up, let me know. 

*Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

Tanner | Community Moderator
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TannerPandora quick question. The post above yours states he is using the pandora app pre-installed on his 2020 Honda Accord. I own a 2020 Honda Accord and trying to get Pandora working via Bluetooth connection. The issue is I do not have a pre-installed Pandora app on my head unit which is completely stock. Any suggestions?

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Hi there, @RickC1953. 👋

Thanks for your post. I've escalated this to a member of our User Support team via email. Someone will reach out to you via email soon to help out with this. We appreciate your patience during this process. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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