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Set Presets In Ford Sync 3

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Main Pandora Screen In VehicleMain Pandora Screen In VehiclePreset Buttons.  How Do I Change Them?Preset Buttons. How Do I Change Them?I'm trying to use Pandora running as an app in Ford's Sync 3 entertainment system (not in Android Auto).  The app (running on my Galaxy Note 5) works fine, Pandora plays my stations no problem. 
Here's the issue  On the main screen is a button labeled "Presets" which is populated by a random list of my Pandora stations (Note bottom photo some are even duplicated).  Pressing the "Preset" button (bottom photo) for several seconds does 'not' modify the preset to the station currently playing on Pandora as you'd expect.  There's a pancake menu next to the "Presets" button that, when pressed, brings up a list of all of my stations.  Touching the 'buttons' for each of those plays the station, no problem.
So, how do I populate the "Presets" buttons with stations of my choice in the order I'd like to see them?

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  • I have the same issue with my 2019 EcoSport Titanium and my IPhone...  
  • No one has been able to help me.
  • please let me know if you have any success...
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Looking for this info as well!


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Over a year since the original post, and I am looking for the same info.  Is it not possible to manually preset Pandora stations in Ford Sync?  

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Love to see a solution to this problem. Hard to believe there’s still no solution.

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My presets on my 2019 Ford Expedition show my stations list, but not my playlists.  Is there a way to show playlists as well?

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