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AMP’s New Track Reporting Feature Gives Artists Even Deeper Insights on Their Pandora Spins


Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP) pioneered self-serve artist marketing for the streaming era, giving creators a unique view into the ways that listeners were discovering and engaging with their music on Pandora. Since then, AMP has continued to offer creators a growing (and free) suite of easy-to-use online marketing tools that helps artists increase their spins on Pandora, reach new audiences, and grow their fan base.

One of AMP’s most popular features, Artist Audio Messageswhich enables artists to communicate directly with their fans on Pandora via personalized audio messages, has now driven over 12 billion listener impressions. Thousands of artists across dozens of genres have used Artist Audio Messages to drop new singles with personal commentary, promote albums and tours, or simply share their thoughts and musings with their fans on Pandora in their own voice.

Following in the spirit of trailblazing features like Artist Audio Messages, Pandora Storiesand Pandora for Podcasters, AMP today introduced Track Reporting, providing creators with even deeper insights into their tracks’ performance on Pandora and how listeners are discovering and engaging with them, and the ways that Pandora playlists, stations, and features can not only help increase streams, but create new fans.


Track Reporting goes beyond simple stream counts to give artists the story behind the numbers, with insights into richer forms of listener engagement like which Pandora Stations and Playlists have added their tracks, how many listeners have “thumbed-up” their tracks to show their love, providing a deeper level of track data that’s conveniently located alongside the other marketing tools on AMP. 

With Track Reporting, creators on AMP can now click on a track to dive into a reporting page dedicated to that track featuring a line graph for daily trends as well as a “source breakdown” section showing which Pandora programs their track is being streamed on, all with custom date ranges.


Creators can also view the “Source Categories” for each of their tracks to see exactly how their songs are reaching listeners:

  • Algorithmic Sources are those primarily driven by Pandora’s recommendation algorithms.

  • Editorial Sources include all Pandora genre stations, editorial playlists, and mixtapes.

  • Organic Sources are primarily driven by listener choice, like an artist’s own Pandora station.

Like all AMP tools, Track Reporting is designed to help artists reach even more ears (and hearts) among Pandora’s millions of listeners.

Existing AMP users can check out Track Reporting on their user accounts starting today! 

New users can sign up for AMP here

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