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Pandora Users Can Share Their Favorite Music and Podcasts on Instagram Stories Starting Today


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Great music and podcasts were meant to be shared. That’s why we’re excited that starting today, Pandora users across all tiers of service can share their favorite songs, albums, podcasts, playlists or Pandora stations with their friends via Instagram Stories, and also give them free access to Pandora’s entire library of music and podcasts!

Sharing content on Instagram Stories starts rolling out to limited Pandora users today, and will be available to all Pandora users over the coming weeks.

Whenever you’re playing your favorite audio entertainment on the Pandora app, just tap “Share” and then “Instagram Stories” on the Now Playing screen and a special Cover Art card for that music or podcast will generate on your Instagram Stories.

There, you can add text and stickers to your Cover Art card and share as a Story, or send it as a direct message to a friend, a group of friends, or all of your followers. Each “card” has a distinctive color dynamic based on that music or podcast’s original cover art, so each Pandora share on Instagram Stories is eye-catching and unique.

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When your friends on Instagram see the Cover Art card you’ve shared, they can tap “Play on Pandora” and get direct access to that content, as well as Pandora’s full music and podcast library. Friends who don’t already have a Pandora Premium account can access your shared content plus a session of free, unlimited, on-demand music and podcasts after viewing a short ad thanks to Pandora’s Premium Access feature.

Nothing brings people together like sharing great music (and podcasts), and now all Pandora users can share their favorites with friends through Instagram Stories and spread the joy!