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A song I wrote

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A couple weeks  ago I posted that i need a favor from everyone. i asked everyone if they could possibly recommend a song for me to sing a song for my schools talent show. And at the end i was convinced by @MOHLovesAlaska  to do a song that i wrote.Even though all the suggestions were pretty great most of them were actually a from a few of my favorite song artists. And even though i did not win the talent show (my twin sister did with her rapping skills shes pretty awesome) Everyone  at the least enjoyed my act and that's all i asked for.And since they enjoyed it i  decided why not share this song on here.

I consider myself more as a song writer then a singer. I hope you enjoy. 

And remember Life's a journey not a destination

(please notify me immediately if the link does not work)  

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@Listener001 , thank you for your very kind words. I'm sorry you did not win the contest, I am happy for your sister, as I know you truly are as well. The great part of it, you did something original, a song you yourself wrote. Even some of the greatest music artists that have ever lived, and living today, have had some of their top hits written by someone else. Who knows, you could become the next Grace VanderWaal, or Jewel Kilcher (a great song writer). Take care and stay safe. 


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Thank you very much.My sister is talented too she really has a passion for what she does. the original was pretty fun to do.  Grace vanderwaal's latest song oh my gosh has completely turned her genre of music completely. but some are like ¨well she's not gonna stay 12 forever¨ but with this change i still admire her greatly. i'm going to have to check out jewel kilcher.Perhaps someday i may become great but right now is just my beginning. but the encouragement from  everyone that i have received really makes me seem like i've gone a long ways. @MOHLovesAlaska