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Algorithm difference in Pandora Premium?

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I was curious if anyone has experience this issue.  I have a client who had a free Pandora subscription for awhile, and I recommended that they get the premium, not just to eliminate the commercials but to have more choices in what they listen to. They are not exactly tech savvy, but since they've had Premium for awhile, they claim that there is even less different music playing on their stations. I find this hard to believe but wanted to see if this was even possible. If you just choose a "pandora station" in the premium format, is the algorithm the same? I would think there would be a lot more selections, if not exactly the same.



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@JeffD3  good evening, I'm not sure as to what style of music they like. I myself have not come across this issue. There is only one station that I have noticed that does not have a lot of songs with it. I have over 40 stations now in my collection, I also have 9 different playlists with over 2,000 songs just in the playlists themselves. I could not even begin to tell you the amount of songs with the stations. When I play my stations and play them with the shuffle option I will not here a repeat song for about 2 weeks. I have been with Pandora for about 15 months. Take care and stay safe.  


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Thank you very much for your response. It seems unlikely that they would give you less options when you pay more.