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Animation Song Recommendations

Diamond in the Rough

Halloo everyone! It’s been a while! I’m sorry, I’ve just opened up my own tattoo and piercing shop!! Ok now to get to the point. So I’m making a YouTube channel and it’s going to be all about animations! So I have some songs I have written down I’m using. So I’m going through all my favorite artists and just taking songs I love(d)! So if ya’ll have any songs I could use that would be kind! I don’t have the channel up yet because I don’t have anything to post yet! Sooo once I have my channel up then I’ll post the channel name and everything. Here’s the songs I am using. So if you see it up there, then know I already got it!

Daydream In Blue- I Monster

Let Her Go- Passengers 

7 Rings- Ariana Grande

Demons- Imagine Dragons

Sucker For Pain- Imagine Dragons

Machine- Imagine Dragons

Bullet In A Gun- Imagine Dragons

Digital- Imagine Dragons

So I’m going to make a playlist of the songs and it’s going to be called “Animation Song Playlist”. So if you want to add anything or see/ listen to what’s in there, go ahead! Thank you!!

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