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Any 80s fans around?

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Hi, I'm Linda from Portland, Oregon. Just wondering if there's anybody out there who still listens to 80s music like me? lol....I'm a nerd but I love that decade! 

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Local Performer

wow I thought I was the only one ! Lol I’m also a nerd !🤓 


Class of 84 here!

Still listening to 80's music.

Much better than what they make today.

Local Performer

Oh yes! I'm a nerd too, and proud of it! Right now I'm going through an obsession with Def Leppard. I loved everything they did back then. Now I'm still enjoying every moment with them;  but I have to put some heavier metal in there to balance things out. 😎

@LindaK70 I love the 60's thru the 2010s...But I do favor the 80s music it was my eldest sibling's favorite genre and a good amount of 70s rock...My favorite music artist is Jewel...I love her songwriting ability and her way of changing it up with some Pop, Country, and Pop-rock...My overall favorite song is Foolish Games (LP Version)...

Take care and GOD bless...