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Backstreet Boys (I Want It That Way) vs Vanessa Carlton (Thousand Miles)

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This should be a good one. Which song is better lyrically and by instrument, and which one do you relate to more.


Its hard to choose for this one for me, but I can say Vanessa Carltons instrument is automatically catchy and has backstreet boys beaten in that area, but I cant say what song I would choose overall. 

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@Cptheg3 Wow, this was really tough, but this is one line that I heard made my decision a no brainer. "I would walk a 1,000 miles just to see you". What powerful lyric. So yeah, Vanessa Carlton is my choice. 

The Backstreet Boys were more than great, the lyrics, the background singing, the whole song was put together very well. But the lyrics never moved me like Vanessa's did. 👍 

You have really done something exciting with this weekly post, keep it going, this is becoming a post that I look forward to seeing. Great job, 👍 👌. Looking forward to next week's already. Take care @Cptheg3 and stay safe.


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@Cptheg3 Wow! These 2 songs are both so different. Both are good songs but I'll go with Vanessa Carlton' "Thousand Miles". One of my great-nieces sung this at my sister's wedding. It's the prettier song of the 2. Keep posting. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of activity in the community but us regulars will always respond. Peace! ✌

@UncleBud this was a harder one I thought, your niece sang Vanessa's song at a wedding? That must have been a precious, and beautiful moment. I love it when little one's are part of the wedding, they just add a spark to it. 

Take care and stay safe.


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@MOHLovesAlaska Yeah my great-niece that sang at my sisters wedding... my sister that got married was her grandmother. She was especially thrilled to sing at the wedding and even though she's my great-niece, I think she did a fantastic job.

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@Cptheg3 Hey I'm looking forward to your next post.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Cptheg3. 👋

This is a GOOD (and tough) one. 

I would choose Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles". This song is instantly recognizable and it stills plays in movies these days. 

The Backstreet Boys song is a classic but it doesn't compare to her song. I like both songs but I think "A Thousand Miles" is the better song lyrically and instrumentally. 

Look forward to the next post! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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