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Billie Holiday "a HERO for all"

Local Performer

1-The First  to scream out the murderous racial slaughter of innocent young people by fools down south.-Never given credit-"strange fruit"

2-Pandora you really compare Ella with this Queen?????

3-Billie Holiday overcame odds for a homeless child "Black" uncared for 

but by some Miracle was deemed as "Lady Day"=a classy lady
4- -Pandora you elevate her talent and then you make her to be a spoiled junkie drunk Janis Joplin. You forget details like the rumors destroying her were planted by a known KLAN member ,Director of a Federal Narcotics Dept ordered by Gov Leaders to "SHUT HER UP" after she continued singing strange fruit. confirmed by Google.

  This Lady was a soldier in a war that shot back by singing while knowing that song destroyed her career but not her spirit.'

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