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Blues, jazz, funk


Any blues freaks out here?  Also what is this about Sirius and Pandora merging?  Hope Pandora is controlling this because I quit Sirius due to limited selections playing the same thing over and over.  Pandora has a much better choice on these limited genres of artitsts .

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On the Rise

I'm a jazz freak, does that count?

My music is up on here, and honestly I'll second what you said... my radio station recommended a lady called "Beegie Adair" who I've actually written to to say "thanks for your recordings". Tasty jazz pianist.


Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)


@blusdrumr I recently discovered the Blues Jam in Chicago recordings where all the Chess bluesmen got in the studio with Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Good Stuff. Love the bits of studio banter left in.

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Local Performer

Please put Pandora station on for music.

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Funk Jazz! 😁😎

Opening Act

I 'm not sure how many years I've enjoyed Pandora's collection of jazz musicians. But tonight I just found myself fascinate by Joe Pass playing "By Myself" with his usual lyrical genius style, so naturally.   It's as though the song had been written for him to play.


download (1).jpg  This has Jazz along with Blues. I like both. So enjoy all. Take care and stay safe. 



Hi ! Hope you're doing well. I'm a new Jazz artist and will like you to listen my music! Please leave a thumbs up so you can help me grow up on Pandora and be hear! Thanks for your help and support a new artist!  Follow the link below! Be safe!

@Calabo I am adding your song to the daily post here on Pandora called GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day) post. I am also adding it to the GSOTD playlist, the playlist was created just for the daily GSOTD post. Here is the link for the playlist. Take care and stay safe.  your song is #542 on the list. I wish you all the best in your music career. Be safe.