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Classic Rockers playing Jazz versions?


I enjoy finding alternate versions of my favorite classic rock songs. Not just live performations but also studio jams that get released as Jazz versions.

One recent find is a jazz version of Elton John doing the song COME DOWN IN TIME. The studio jam let Reggie break away and tickle out some Jazz phrasing to the song. The rest of the musicians followed the jam

are there any favorite songs you’ve found alternate versions, jams or Vover performances of your fav songs?

Sting and Judy Collins also have cover versions of Elton’s song.

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@Traveller I just came across your post and I find it very interesting to say the least. I'm actually going to check out different versions of my favorite songs and see if there are any other versions that are just as good as the original ones. I will be responding back in a few days or so. Thanks for posting. 

Take care and GOD bless.


Thanks for the kind thought! I have accidentally run into a few cross-over songs, but Can’t remember any but Elton’s Come Down In Time. Sting will do it too, but its hard to tell its not an original Sting written song!

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Doug - Traveller
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On the Rise

There are entire bands whose output is X covers of Y.

Nouvelle Vague ("New Wave" in French) does bossa nova covers (and the singer's voice is really pretty) with classical guitar of old "New Wave" 80s songs.

The Bad Plus are a band who do covers of rock songs in a jazz idiom.


Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)