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Clearing new music list?

Local Performer

Is there a way to clear items from the list of new music on my home page?  Similarly, is there a way to ban an artist from the list?  I occasionally get music in the list that I will not ever listen to, and it seems to stick.

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Opening Act

Do you mean the new music for you section on the For You tab? It’s supposed to be based on listening so I wonder if going in and checking/editing your thumbs up or collected songs would make any difference? I don’t know of a way to clear it so I’m curious if someone else does.
Last year I started a new Pandora account to reset everything which had some good and bad results because I’ve used Pandora for like 15 years and all that was lost. But it did allow me to start fresh and the For You sections are pretty spot on to my interests now. I’m definitely interested to hear if anyone knows more about this.