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Cultural Story-Teller Musicians


Most musicians tells stories in their music.  The one's I'm interested in learning from all of you are your favorite artists who frequently paint a picture of their city, region, people, wildlife, or unique lay-o-the-landwith in several songs.  If you can, list several of their songs which taken together give you a good feel for where they're from?

My favorite from over the past 5 years or so has been Tyler Childers.  He writes and sings about his Appalachian roots in Virginia /W. Virginia & coal country with such clarity.  He conveys broad drives and notions of the people where he grew up that I feel I known the place somewhere in my past.  I'm able to relate his people to people I've known.  His music knocks on several genres, but alt-country-grass-rock might be his center.

Songs with stories of his raisin':

  • Country Squire
  • Whitehouse Road
  • Follow You to Virgie
  • Bottles & Bibles 
  • Feathered Indians
  • Charleston Girl
  • Coal
  • If Whiskey Could Talk
  • Hard Times
  • The Gospel
  • The Harvest 
  • Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven 
  • Purgatory (widely differing versions)
  • Old County Church (also many versions)

I highly recommend you give Tyler's recordings a listen.  If you have a similar story-teller artist who strikes you with emotions and understanding of somewhere they're from, please feel free to share here with me and everyone's else to discover.


Chan McQueen
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