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Death Metal Bands


Have you ever tried drawing corpse fanart while listening to corpse? It really hits different.


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@Broken_Red good Friday morning. No, I cannot say I have. But what I really would like to do is oil painting on canvas. Jerry Yarnell has a program twice a week on the NRB channel called Paint This, and he does it in such a way that even beginners like myself can follow along. Well, take care and stay safe.  


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@Broken_Red, I have drawn CORPSE, but not while listening to his music. Must be interesting... I’ll try it later today and send the results after. Thank you for giving me something entertaining to do! 😆 Anyways, have a nice day!

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@Broken_Red  @Itsdemondeer  

I dont know of corpse the death metal band. 

But i do know of corpse the hip hop/rap artist. 

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@Oshawott same here. I don’t know of the death metal band. Must do some research 

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