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Do you think Wax Records Should Come Back And Why ?

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I've seen where Bandcamp wants to start maki g wax records again as a point of Distribution for artist. Do you think its a good idea and why ?
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At what cost? 

I never recoup'd printing $100 in CD costs never mind three grand for 250 records.


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  1. Preservation of Analog Sound Quality: Wax records, known for their analog warmth, offer a distinct sound quality that resonates with audiophiles and collectors. The resurgence of wax records would cater to a niche market seeking this unique sonic experience.

  2. Cultural and Historical Significance: Vinyl records hold a rich cultural and historical significance, representing a bygone era of music consumption. Bringing back wax records would contribute to the preservation of music history and the tangible connection to the past.

  3. Tangible and Collectible: Vinyl records provide a tangible and collectible format for music enthusiasts. The act of owning and handling physical records adds a level of appreciation and sentimentality to the music-listening experience.

  4. Artistic Album Covers: Vinyl records showcase intricate and visually appealing album covers. The larger canvas of a record sleeve allows for more elaborate and artistic designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic value of the music.

  5. Limited Edition Releases: Wax records allow for limited edition releases, fostering exclusivity and desirability among collectors iesco. This strategy could be embraced by artists and labels to create a sense of rarity and uniqueness in the market.

  6. Support for Independent Artists: The resurgence of wax records could serve as a viable distribution channel for independent artists bill, providing them with a physical format to showcase their work and connect with fans on a more personal level.

  7. Environmental Considerations: Vinyl records, being a physical and durable format, contribute less to electronic waste compared to digital formats that rely on disposable devices. This aligns with growing concerns about sustainability and environmental impact.

  8. Market Growth: The renewed interest in vinyl records could stimulate market growth, benefiting record stores, manufacturers, and associated industries. This growth potential aligns with the cyclical nature of consumer preferences.

  9. Nostalgia and Retro Appeal: The nostalgia associated with vinyl records and their retro appeal contribute to their timeless allure. Reintroducing wax records taps into the sentimentality of consumers seeking a connection to the past.

  10. Resurgence in Vinyl Sales: The recent resurgence in vinyl sales indicates a market demand for physical music formats. This trend suggests a viable opportunity for wax records to make a more significant comeback in the music industry.

  11. Enhanced Listening Ritual: Playing a vinyl record involves a deliberate and immersive process, fostering a unique listening ritual. This ritualistic aspect enhances the overall music experience, distinguishing it from the more casual nature of digital streaming.

  12. IESCO Connection: Much like the revival of wax records, the IESCO online bill check service exemplifies the integration of modern technology to enhance traditional practices. Both initiatives showcase the adaptability and evolution of services to meet contemporary needs while preserving the essence of their respective domains.

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