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Feature Request Status

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This is a request for more detailed status on feature requests.

I recently ran across this helpful information: https://community-stage.Savagebeast.Com/html/assets/pandora%20ideas%20process.Pdf?Version=preview.

It shows the process a feature request goes through at pandora.

However, it seems that there are only two states: open and closed.

This means that we cant see when a request goes from simply being on here (open) to engineering.

And we cant see any eta for the request from engineering.

And we cant see clearly when the request was implemented, ie: there is no implemented.

Thank you for considering this,


Ps: and there's no label for status.


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Opening Act

if Pandora wont provide Feature Request status and Pandora doesnt seem to ever implement our Feature Requests, why should we continue to spend the time typing them up?