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Getting to Know You


Hey guys, Just wanted to get to know yall. What are your top 3 favorite artists let me know?

My 3 artists include,

Lil Tjay

Polo G

Quin NFN

I have noticed that all of these artists have fast melodic beats, and sing about rough times in their life. Let me know a little something about you guys thank you.!


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1). Jewel, & Lauren Daigle    2) Freya Ridings & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 3) Journey (with Steve Perry) & Alanis Morissette. Take care and stay safe. 


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My top 3 favorite artists are...

Noah Cyrus, Grace Vanderwall, and P!nk 

Note: If you ask me two hours later this list will change.

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That's like 6 people 

@Listener001 You are so right, but how can I leave the ones who are tied for 1, 2, 3, out? I just had to include them as well. Take care and stay safe. 


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I see but how come Alanis wasn't first? 

@Listener001 Before 2012 she was, but when I was going through a very hard stretch for about a year or so the song Foolish Games by Jewel (Original version from Of  Pieces Of You Album) the song just struck me in my heart, it just spoke to me because it says so much about me and my life, I just became mesmerized, it is kind of scary of how much that song spoke about my life. 

Take care and stay safe. 

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Opening Act

Ryan Upchurch, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, etc...

@ehssenior17 hey pal listen up, you just posted in a post that is titled "Getting To Know You" there is no way you can start posting giving details within your reply post and then end it with, etc...well, you can if you want, but I would like to know who the, etc...would be. Take care and stay safe. 


P.S I hope you know that I am just joking with you, but when I read the, the end I could not resist myself. Be safe. 

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Chart Topper

My favorite artist is Jack Johnson, my second favorite artist would be Luke Bryan and my third favorite artist would be Ed Sheeran. I like many others but those would be my top 3.