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Good chirstian music

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any good songs?😀 


Listen to "Commission" by CAIN  

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I will be sure to check them out. Thank you for your suggestion. Take care and stay safe. 

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Yah! How about:

- I Refuse from Josh Wilson ,




@Mahrs_With_Will, I will be sure to add this to GSOTD (clean) post and playlist tomorrow. I will also be sure to mention you for this selection. Take care and stay safe. 

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Local Performer

Depends on my mood. Some good throwback Gospel like Bebe and CeCe Winan. Call Me Gone and Look to Him by the late, great Kenny Hinson, and practically anything from The Hinsons as a group. 

@traciequine some great music from these artists. I use to watch the Bill Gaither Gospel hour. CeCe Winan was a regular on the show, the Hinsons were special guests who would do specials. The Goodmans were another great group. I have to say my favorite is Romance Watson, he has a phenomenal voice, a GOD-gifted-given voice. If you have never heard him, then here are the links to the only two songs Pandora has of him.   Tis The Old Ship Of ZionPeace In The Valley  Enjoy the music, take care, and stay safe. 

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