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Help me find an elusive electronic/edm track

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I'm having an IMMENSE amount of trouble finding a song that was a staple on an old Pandora account from nearly 12-15 years ago (which has sense been deleted). I had several stations shuffled where this song would pop up, from groups including Underworld, Future Sound of London, Dntel, Weekend Players, Boards of Canada, Psykosonik, and so on. (It's NOT by any of these groups). Sometime between 2006-2008 or so, a song kept popping up on this shuffle. . It is called "Tremolo" (maybe spelled slightly differently). And I have NO IDEA who the artist is. I have mined Pandora, Spotify and YouTube hoping to stumble across it and can't find it. All I find are tremolo guitar videos and tutorials.

Some basic info: Almost 100% certain it's called "Tremolo" or "Tremelo."It was not released any later than 2008. It is electronic in nature and very low-key, a minimalist beat from what I remember. Very chilled and somber-sounding, almost to the point of sounding border-line poppy. It starts out with what is either a very strange guitar riff with effects, or a keyboard effect that gets higher pitched as it goes along. There's some very brief singing in it, sort of faded out and with an effect that makes it hard to tell if it's a woman or child singing. The word "tremolo" is actually sang/spoken in a few parts with some other words. Overall, a melancholy sort of sound.

The same 10 second snippet of the song keeps running through my head ever since it spontaneously popped up out of nowhere six months ago. I am going crazy over here! PLEASE HELP.

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@Napier the spelling is correct it is Tremolo, it is a self mixing EDM style music. Have you checked out the complete EDM library to see if the song your looking for is there? I wish you the best of luck in your search. Take care and stay safe. 

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