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If You Were A Song What Would It Be?

Opening Act

ok i know this sounds pretty cheesy but this question came to me a few days ago. if you were a song what would it be? it could describe your personality, how you look, how you feel, maybe an event that happened in your life, ect. this question may take some thought or maybe none at all. either way it'll be interesting to hear if somebody has one.

Bella W.
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Opening Act

That's actually a really interesting question. While it's really hard to find a song that fits many aspects of my life, I've heard a few that fit some parts. Karma, by AJR is one, because a lot of the time I try to be good but karma isn't always good back. In the meantime, I'm still looking for one

Opening Act

good choice

Bella W.

Opening Act

There's a song by Tiffany Day called 'REVENGE.' It's not on Pandora yet which is saddening, but it reminds me of the darker side of my personality, being vengeful when something doesn't go my way due to a person or persons. But it's also some bada** energy too<3

Kuki Yamazoe (KUKIZOE)

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Bottle Action by Miss B. (Actually, I think it's supposed to be Ms. B'Havin.)

Please know I'm kidding.

I just love these lyrics. Maybe too explicit to post here, so just follow the link.



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