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Opening Act

I have a few years behind me, a fact that is only too obvious. Years I can't get back, and some that can stay lost. One great thing about music,  are those bands that have actually influenced my life in a way that only true talent can. Neil Schon is no doubt one of the best guitarists of all time. not the best, but he's up there in my book. Steve Perry, one of a kind vocalist. We all have tried his range, and fall short. Journey is a time tested band that sets its own standards. Greg Rollie was the original vocalists for Santana, singing "Black Magic Woman" , and sharing that title with Perry later in Journey, Early hits had both singing on the same track. The whole band has had great harmony from the beginning. Hits like "Lights", "Open Arms", "Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin, , "City Of The Angels", and newer songs like "When You Love A Woman" can be played again with the same energy as a new release. They are not a Metal band, but I think they could have held their own. If you have never listened to them,  "Only The Young" is a good start

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