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Looking for song recommendation

Local Performer

Can y'all give me a song recommendation?


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@skylagarrison03 does it matter what genre it is from?? I came across this song a few nights back, I must say the song  (I thought) was awesome. I have never heard of the artist before, after listening to her song, I just happened to notice she only has 115 monthly listeners. I was shocked, she is a great talent. Here is the song. I'm curious what you think after hearing her. , enjoy the song. 

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"J.F.K. returns with another much needed anthem and EP. His latest EP 'M.Y.F.B.' is a monstrous street mantra. He continues with his signature style of detailing street wisdom intertwined with catchy memorable Trap, giving advice and simultaneously teaching a lesson. Showing what to do and how he does it with one line. J.F.K. keeps his king status intact by following the code and consistently releasing anthems. 'M.Y.F.B.' is self explanatory and the only time the listener should deviate from the instructions is when looking further into j.F.K.'s catalog. After the title track J.F.K. continues cementing his status with 'So Certified' an upbeat summer anthem with covert street undertones coupled with a catchy accessible beat. 'I Don't Know About You' shifts the tone slightly, the instrumental has lush chords and heavy 808s and trap drums, combining the two differing distinct styles of the opening two tracks. The hustling anthems continue and drive home the ambition and grind that encompasses J.F.K.'s music. 'Nutz' details the come up and the accompanying haters, with another memorable hook and clever lyrics J.F.K continues his streak of anthems on this EP. The streak flawlessly concludes with 'Shroomz' the most psychedelic track of the project, over a trippy beat with distorted keys and booming 808s J.F.K. explores his mind with a mesmerizing track that shows an esoteric side to the familiar street wisdom fans are used to. The 'M.Y.F.B.' EP is business as usual for J.F.K., something all fans should definitely keep in mind Fiver-customer-4.jpg red.jpg 500.jpg