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Mad Season is a new favorite

Opening Act

I cant believe I just learned about Mad Season. Never even heard of them and I consider myself to be fluent in most music. I'm listening to Wake Up   right now and all I can think of I must have been asleep for ten long years! Anyone else dig Mad Season?

It amazes me how SO many people can be SO wrong every Single day. Larry Frederick
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Local Performer

I kicked myself when I ran into  them before they became  ANC.  Pretty amazing ,its like theyve came back no matter ... Glad Jerry is doing his thing still and the  vocalist  Im horrible with memeorizing  and please dont shoot me  for  being   can hold a note aBSENT mnided .. usually just absent hahaha no problem . The Rooster lives!!!!!   Alice n chains    also known as Mad season  in the early days  . Excellent suggestion sorry I got carried away but you arent alone for sure


Layne Staley (singer of Alice in Chains, Alice 'N Chains, and Sleze) used to own that band!