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Mental Health..we all have a reason to fight.

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I just want to tell you,its ok,your not alone.

I just wanted to know what artist has helped you get through some very differcult moments in your life.

If you want,ill go first.

Garth Brooks for my childhood abuse,Britney Spears in my 20s abusive environment,in my 30s and so on i've listened too different varieties of rock that has helped me til very day.

I was lucky to say thank you to one of the bands that helped me through abuse for pass 3 yrs and saved my boy from taking out his life.

Remember,You have a reason to fight!

DisturbedDisturbedMy reasons..My reasons..




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@AngelaMCmusic Amen...Even if it's not for yourself there is always a loved one or a friend that you can fight for and is worthy of fighting for...Great words of encouragement @AngelaMCmusic 

Take care and GOD bless...



Opening Act

@MOHLovesAlaska I love how you always have to add a reply with God. We Love God. I am not all God this God that, but I do believe in him. Your reply was the best so far on here.


@AngelaMCmusic Never fight ALONE! There are always people who are going to be willing to talk. This is why they say ''Never keep things bottled up'' You always got to let it out when you need it to come out or else it will just overwhelm you and you explode. I have been there and have done that. I have prayed that everything was going to be ok and that I can get my life back to normal. NEVER FIGHT ALONE, ALWAYS FIGHT WHEN YOU NEED TO FIGHT!!!