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More of a silly idea

Local Performer
Wouldn't it be cool if when someone pushed the "thumbs up" button then some crazy futuristic pandora AI type programming analyzed the song and played some kind of optional unique sound. Then again who would want some AI terminator beaming mind control waves through sound, making us all do the funky chicken N'Sync. Just kidding. But seriously where's MY PANTS! Zzzzzz Goodnight..??!!! Doubt anybody is even reading this garbage. That's an awesome band by the way. Garbage namely... So guys I came to this planet to sample your music. Home base keeps trying to beam me back up. BUT this Pandora invention has caused me to destroy my demoleculizer implant. Oops said to much... oh well this silly fictional rambling will be lost in cyberspace eternally maybe to be discovered by someone or something who can appreciate LARPING. Greetings from Alpha Centauri. 😎
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