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Movie gems?

Diamond in the Rough

So have any of u guys seen Thor love and thunder??? If so what's ur feed back on it?


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@Ricky101 I have not seen that, but my best Thor movie, and part is when he's in the restaurant having breakfast, and when he drank the cup of coffee he smashed the cup on the floor and yelled out "I'll have another". Everyone at the table jumped, it was hilarious, as was the part when he got ran over twice by the same girl. 

Take care @Ricky101 and stay safe friend.


Diamond in the Rough

Okay what's ur favorite marvel movie or movies??? I would say definitely caption America and the winter soldier and the first avenger movie, I also like infinity war and end game, but I almost cry everything someone dies.

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I am going to combine this subject with music and say that one of my favorite films of all time is Harold and Maude with the brilliant Ruth Gordon, and it includes one of the BEST soundtracks out there -- all by Yusuf / Cat Stevens. And if you want to sing out, sing out.



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Even though my response is a bit belated, I wanted to share my two cents. I caught Thor: Love and Thunder right when it dropped. The new adventures of my favorite characters were a blast. The whole Thor and Jane Foster dynamic was delightful, and the action scenes were a blast. While I adore the Marvel universe, I also prefer to diversify my cinema experience, and lately, I've been exploring new movies in theaters. There's just something about fresh storylines, new characters, and top-notch acting that keeps the cinematic excitement alive! What's your take on mixing it up at the movies?

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Comment a movie and i'll watch it 

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