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Music Suggestions

Community Manager
Community Manager

This thread is for all of your music suggestions that are not currently on the Pandora platform.

Feel free to include the following:

  • Artist:
  • Track Title:
  • Album Title:

We are always working to expand our collection, so thanks for your suggestions! 

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Would be great if Pandora could add less popular music such as global world music, indie music, local bands etc.  Other services appear to have these and it would be amazing if users could listen to this music on Pandora.  Any plans to add this type of music?

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 That would be interesting for sure.

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Crazy EightyEight is one that jumps out to me. They dropped an album called "Burning Alive" earlier in 2019 and have a bunch of other covers.

Would you please include the album "Mantovani Film Encores Volume 1". London PS 124. It is the first album that I ever purchased, back in about 1958. It is the only album I know of that contains a version of "Three Coins in the Fountain" in which you can hear what sounds like three coins dropping in water at the end of the song.
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leo moracchioli, he does alot of covers (almost all of them are covers) but he changes it from whatever genre it was, to rock/metal. It would be easier than youtube.

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Lots of the classics! I am not really a big fan of pop so lots of Opera, Piano, and other stuff like that for me!

On the Rise

"Photon" by the Boom Boom Satellites

Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)

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You seem to have a very small collection of music from the band "Coheed and Cambria". Would love to hear more from them in the future!!

Diamond in the Rough

Pandora has tons of indie music. Here's a playlist of the top 500 Indie songs of all time: Indie 500

Diamond in the Rough

Pandora has all of their albums in their collection. You just need to sign up for Pandora Premium in order to listen to their songs/albums on-demand:

Opening Act

Off the top of my head: The Black Flamingos.  I used to listen to their albums all the time before I switched to pandora. 


Willow Child.  Great new blues/rock band out of Germany.


Trip Down Memory Lane (2017)

Paradise & Nadir (2018)

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Especially because you can get them on Spotify and Amazon Music.

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There is an swedish artist called BYZ, he makes a song called "do you wanna **ahem**?" How do I get Pandora to add it?

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It would be awesome if y'all could add Garth Brooks!


It would be great if you could add songs by NOEL. He made a new song and I can't

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There was a fantastic band from Grand Rapids, Mi in the early 2000's called Fiction Switch (They performed under the name Merry Bomb before the 9/11 attacks) and then switched to Fiction Switch before their album came out.  Their album Welcome to this Picture has great song writing. It's radio friendly rock with some pop sensabilities. Stand out songs from the album include: "My Criminal Mind", "Love Song 99", "Black Coffee Blue", and "Allison's Dream"


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How about Godzilla greenday 

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We’re new to Pandora Premium and the first three artists I searched for are not on Pandora: Kasper Bjørke, Kíla (Ireland), and Birds of Paradise are terribly limited! If their music can be played on a station, why not offer the album as promised?  All of these artists’ albums can be found on Spotify and iTunes Music for the same price as Pandora Premium, and if Pandora can’t provide my favorite songs and albums I will have no choice but to switch platforms. I’ll give Pandora one month to do something about this issue. What terrible luck!