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Music addiction?

Local Performer

Does anyone else have a station or artist that they consider addictive? My sister and I have decided that Fat Freddy's Drop is addictive, our day is not right if we don't have this station playing. I said it is because it reminds us of our yearly girl beach trip, relaxation, no work, no demands just feet up, wild horses good friends and the sound of the ocean. Is this the same for anyone else?

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@Sonnie5635  in my early childhood years I grew up on a family dairy farm, when we moved off the farm, my grandparents, uncles, and aunts stayed and continued to run the family farm. On our weekend visits we always listened to country music, to and from. Even though the family farm no longer exists today, I still listen to country music when I go and visit the property. My greatest memories I have are from that time. Thanks for your post and for sharing something personal. You take care and stay safe. 


Local Performer

Music is definitely addictive. I've been listening to hippie sabotage lately although I'm not a rap girl, more of a 80's and 90's rock/grunge chick. But the beats that hippie makes grabbed me and I've been stuck on them for a couple of weeks now lol.

Stephanie Fitton