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New lo-fi by my gf


Hi guys, I just want to share my grilfriend's new song.

Thank's ❤️ 

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psg36 thanks for sharing, but if you would like my complete and honest and most truthful opinion, well I really don't want to upset you or your girlfriend. I have never been one that would say anything that would cause one to be upset or hurt. At least not on purpose. I was brought up to be kind, thoughtful, as well as courteous. So please forgive me. I thought, well I just thought it was great...gotcha didn't I? Take care and stay safe.            

P.S I added it to my all women playlist you can see it here.

download (1).jpg   

and no, you can't kill me, for one I am against it, and the other reason is, well I'm against it..  


Local Performer

Hi, thanks for this ❤️ 

I really laugh a lot with your comment, thanks for add my  song in this playlist.

@Aruannda  the best of luck to you in your pursuit of your dream. Make those who doubt you into believers, and the believers over whelmed in your success. Take care and stay safe. 


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