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Pandora vs. YouTube Music

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I recently subscribed to YouTube to avoid watching an advertisement every time I watch a video.  YouTube Music was part of the subscription, so I gave it a spin thinking it would compare to Pandora.  After a little frustration with the YouTube Music platform, I have to say Pandora exceeds in every aspect.  I will enjoy not watching ads, but I will not be switching over to YouTube Music.  Pandora is great!!!  Thank You

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0 Kudos I 2nd that motion. Great to see you here at Pandora Community, don't be a stranger, I don't bite, no really I don't. I always have supper before posting. Take care and stay safe.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@kevinclements Thank you for your continued support! 🙏🏽

Feel free to Introduce Yourself to the rest of the community, and also check out the Playlist Swap board to to share/discover Pandora content.

Enjoy the music! :pandora: