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Please check out FRI(END)S by V of BTS

Local Performer


I'm really curious to see if any non KPOP fan cld take a listen and give a real unbiased opinion of this song...thanks!

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On the Rise

I listened to it. Personally I don't like it but it's not to bad though.

Opening Act

So I don’t usually listen to a lot of Kpop but I think it’s interesting how V made this song about ending a friendship when BTS has the song Friends from a previous album. I have no idea if there is any connection between the two but that caught my attention when I saw your post. If you know anything about it I’d love to hear. I’m always curious about the story behind a song or album.

Local Performer

No connection between the two. The first song was about the friendship between him and his best friend and bandmate Jimin.


Fri(end)s is a love song confessing that he wants to be more than friends with the person he likes. 


I hope that helps. 😊

Opening Act

Awesome thank you! 

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