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Relationships + Break Ups

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So just exited a 5 year relationship I happened to be loyal to the core she was not from the start looking for some feel-good songs fresh feel me good music a change from what but I've been listening to I know there has 5o be someone out there who's got something for me P.S. Thanks for the suggestions I will listen to everyone


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Diamond in the Rough

Fight for what you want no matter what even if you look a fool or it doesn't work you won't be wondering should I try again

Gina Suge V.

@Suge love your advice. You take care and stay safe. 


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I could definitely use advice on how to deal with mine

@Ander6698 sorry to hear that you are going through hard times in your relationship, the best advice I can give you, to not seek advice from someone that is selfish or that loves other things more than they love the one they are in a relationship with. 

Almost every relationship starts out successful when the relationship begins to spiral downward no one seems to take notice until it becomes too late to do anything about it. In most cases, one never observes the wrong that was done until it has ended, or they just simply ignore the wrong and continue to go on the same course until it becomes un-fixable (Most of the time that happens due to the fact one wants out of the relationship anyway, or they just stopped caring). It takes two loving and caring hearts to make any relationship work when only one heart is in it then it is only a matter of time before it dies. 

I wish you the very best in your journey, may you find success in all that you do. You take care and stay safe.  


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My GF of 5 years  leave me 5 days before Christmas  we had plan to go to Oregon to visit her fam. But she decided all the sudden the she was leaving . She ask me to go with her but she said the I didn't matter for  if go r not .Zhe suppose to be back in 2 occasions postponed now I don't think she will 6be back .a d the worst  of all is the she hasn't communicate with me as before and  now she is not answering at all when before she loved to do video calls . She s g ill ask me to go but I feel the she  ask just because  to make her self feel better.i love her deeply but I know the she is not invested in our relationship the same level the I am .

I don't know what to do .

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@Xavyvy1 you stated you love her, so obviously your heart is still in it. But the other fact remains, is her heart still in it?? I have been married once, and I was engaged in my last relationship and this is what I have found to be true in both. It takes two hearts to give it "ALL" to make the relationship work. It is not 50/50, it is all or nothing. So as painful or harsh as it may sound, you may have to be prepared to just let her go. Time does not alter love it is the heart that keeps it or releases it over time. When love is "Alive" the heart is living, when love "Dies" the heart has vacated, so should you. Sometimes the greatest healing for the heart is to just let the relationship die, for one heart cannot go on living without the other. I understand that you still love her and want her, but you cannot force someone else to love you or stay in a relationship with you and that my friend is the cold-hearted truth. She may have already made the decision for you both, so you must be prepared for that awful heartbreaking fact. 

 The truth is, she just may need some time and space, so give it to her. Stop trying to smother her with all of the phone calls. I would at least call once a day to show her I'm still here and I'm still in this relationship. Don't be blowing her phone up with 20 texts or 20 calls a day. Just give her some space. So while you're waiting to see if she is coming back or not this is what I would do. Work on yourself, none of us are perfect and that is a fact. You need to reflect on "When did the relationship start turning cold?"

 Look in the mirror and see what you need to change, perhaps you may have done something that she hates or dislikes, and without knowing or perhaps just not being aware you very well may have done something to trigger your relationship to start going sour. There is something we all can improve on to make our relationships better, so just take this time to see if there is something you need to improve on.

  I wish you the very best in your life, and I truly do hope your relationship mends. You take care and stay safe. 


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that is really sad to hear i will be here to talk

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Hey it's me alphagirl it won't let me back into my account so that's why I'm not on it but thank you guys I have gotten threw it and it will always still kinda hurt but not as much

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Ummm ninjaboy you are not me . but yes they did help me thank you guys

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How does someone say that they care but leave you up and dry


@Rach6989 I can relate to that. Although I did not leave my ex-wife and kids high and dry I did stop loving them in every way that a family should be loved. I gave my heart and love to sports, although I was home with them my face was glued to the television watching that garbage. I was in love with sports in every season. When you give your heart ❤ to something that does not love in return you will end up empty and alone, which is where I am right now. I was what many would call a fanatic with that garbage, it is a one way love, and that is why I have nothing to do with it today. 

 Only love what matters, love those who love you, and forsake everything that doesn't love you back, it is just a wasted love and wasted energy. That includes game consoles as well. I know those things have also ended relationships. And for kids, it is just a built in babysitter. They "ALWAYS" turn into an obsession. 

 Take care and stay safe. 


When I stated "forsake everything that doesn't love you back" my meaning behind that statement should be obvious in it's meaning. If it interferes with loving your 👪 family, your spouse then one needs to re-evaluate the priorities of your heart. Take care and stay safe. 



Does true love exist? 

Am I loveable

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@BB2006 this is for you, my friend...For 14 years it has eluded me...but this is what I see for you...

OIP.jfif it will happen when you least expect it friend...take care and stay safe...



Thank you for that I really needed to hear that what's your name maybe we can talk for more advise let me know thanks Brian B


@BB2006 (Brian) how are you, friend...when you do find the one that will give you their heart...and you can give your in return...then perhaps this is for you to share with them. My heart wants to give you the world...but I fall short of the actual ability to carry that out...Because the truth is love is bigger than the world itself...

Have a blessed day...take care and stay safe...


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Love does exist it just takes time to find it. I feel the same way but we got to stick together to find it.

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true love does exist add my snap cbgxares ill love you with all my heart

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yah i agree love does exist and is everywhere you just have to understand what kind of love you're looking for, then you might be surprised. hope you find it @BB2006.

Bella W.

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Is it possible for someone to be Un-Loveable? 

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