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Share your Hot New Hip-Hop/Rap Songs

Local Performer

hiiii, this is my first time ever posting here.. so I’m anxious to see if anyone will even view this or not LOL. I just wanna like have a bunch of people come to this topic or question and start commenting the newest, most slappin’ songs you know!!!! Or at least anything from 2021!!!!! If you have a song that’s like late 2020– I shall accept that as well!!! Aight G, ✌🏼✌🏼💕

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @mrsmoneybaggYO. 👋

Welcome to the Pandora Community! Feel free to introduce yourself to other community members in this thread: Introduce Yourself - you can find my intro here.

Here are some songs/artists I like:


Selection by Lil Tecca


Route 66 by Jack Harlow (featuring EST Gee)


Run It Up by Lil TJay (featuring Offset & Moneybagg Yo)

J. Cole just released a new album:


The Off-Season by J. Cole

What songs are you liking these days?

Hope to see you around the community space more often. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@mrsmoneybaggYO I will show you my support just by posting, I'm not a rap fan, I have tried to give rap a chance to win me over, but it has failed time and time again to get me to like it. But hey, I'm glad you like it and glad you posted. You take care and stay safe. 


Local Performer

Hello My Name Is Demus517 And I got A New Feel And Sound I would Love It If You Would Check Out My Latest Release And I Am Always Looking For Feed Back Who Knows There  Could Be Some Tracks Here That Might Win You Over Thank You And It Is Nice To Meet You



This is Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage this is my new release that came out today and the video is on VEVO and Youtube. It's Called - STOP CAPPIN. I'm really looking to have this single added to playlist. If you don't know who I am i added wiki link or just google me. Yes I am a legend in hip hop I'm from the 1st generation of hip hop.


Ron "Bee Stinger" Savage

@Demus517@mrsmoneybaggYO, I do a daily post here on Pandora called GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day). I also have a playlist that was created just for this post. Just because I myself am not a Rap fan, I do post it and I also add it to the post playlist. Here is the playlist. Genre Songs Of The Day (GSOTD)

So for you as a Rap (music) artist I will be more than happy to add your music to this post and playlist. However, it must be clean. There used to be a GSOTD explicit only post and playlist, but it has been abandoned due to more important priorities, and the lack of someone else willing to step in and take it over. I myself would do it, but this is my busy time of year for work, and I have all I can do as it is to curate the two posts that I do here on Pandora right now. So feel free to make your request for your music, I will also mention you on the post with your selected songs. Take care and stay safe. 


Up & Coming Artist

@MOHLovesAlaska  Man you made my leave of absence sound so sad like the playlist died.  But i appreciate the explanation of why the  GSOTD  EOP&P has been ¨abandoned¨.  It will come back to life  activity for this has just ceased. I'm sorry if i sound a bit harsh. 

Also wow i've got a ton of work to do when i come back these are a ton of songs on this post.

I have  got to find a better or at the least a good abbreviation for my playlist. The one I came up with sounds funny.

Up & Coming Artist

@mrsmoneybaggYO  I dont think this will flop. 

A song that i know that is from 2021 is kind of an easy listening song its not really all fire but i think its pretty great. it keeps playing on the radio and keeps getting stuck in my head. i've never taken the time to translate this song someday i will.

Have you heard Telepatía by Kali Uchis it was released in november of 2020.



@Oshawott I truly am sorry if I had at all made you feel bad, I was just explaining your priorities are more important than posting music on a post and playlist. Yes, it is fun to do, and it also feels good to make someone feel good about the music they like. Anytime one takes into consideration what someone else likes makes them not only feel good but yourself as well. At least that is how I feel. Well, take care and stay safe. 

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