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Media already making excuses for Trevor Lawrence... Creating the narrative that he is the victim

Rubbing the Rock

Jacksonville media already trying to stir trouble for Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence hasn't officially been a Jacksonville Jaguar for just over a month now and there's already controversy being created by local...
23 hours ago
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skip calls Paul a sad shell of him self for showing grit and courage by playing through an injury... your thoughts?

what jaylen brown said is no different... skip said kyrie asked for it, so he's going to get it... kyrie literally did the opposite of asking for it - he asked for it not to happen... why is he changing his words like that? and he also blames kyrie for the possible racist comments or justifies if he hears them, saying he's likely to hear them now because he had the audacity to address the issue... so is he just supposed to sit quietly and take it? if he doesn't bring it up, who would have... when would it have ever been addressed?
shannon says kyrie should just get ear plugs instead of speaking out against racism from fans... your thoughts?
Kyrie brought issue up and was dismissed and admonished by some... then the very next day you have three instances of exactly what he brought up... then danny ainge says he never heard any of that form any player he's played with... nice qualifier by saying any player he played with, but we all know what Russle went through... most recently we had the incident with the baseball player... then marcus smart said and avery bradley also... so Ainge is an obvious liar in this instance and being disingenuous... but their is no backlash towards him.
did SAS talk about what Ainge said?
shannon victim blames Ja's dad.... said he likely egged racists on... shannon says not mush can be done about fans being racist to players... your thoughts?
skip bayless calls chris paul embarrasing for playing a playoff game injured 5/28 how about courageous instead? Shannon joined in with him... entire segment of bashing him and sharing all his negative stats... all because he toughed it out and played despite being injured. Why are they doing this?why would they bash a player for being couragous? for being tough and displaying grit. thye did the same thing to dak when he played hurt.  look for examples of how they cover white players who play through injury?
Shannon pushes toxic colorism trope about Devin Booker
This woman compares herself to black people dealing with racism because she’s overweight... thoughts???
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Is this acceptable/respectable journalism?

What are the code of ethics in reporting on professional athletes?

Should sports announcers be able to call players dumb? Especially if it isn't in relation to their action within the realm of the sport they play?? But even if that is the case, would it be okay???

Was this a personal attack or commentary of his game on the court?

It clearly had nothing to do with basketball... he was commenting on something that happened before the game even started.

Is this bullying or even defamation?

Does FS1 support their on air personalities demeaning and disparaging black athletes by making negative comments about their intelligence level in regards to something that has nothing to do with the sport they play?

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if Drummond doesn't want to be called the big penguin, he should put out a statement saying that...

if he does that, will people respect him as a man - a human being - and refrain from calling him a name he does not wish to be called?

Shannon takes Kyrie addressing racism aimed at players from fans as an opportunity to criticize Kyrie's playing time as a Celtic... what one has to do with the other, idk... Thoughts?


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Skip says Kyrie was shockingly bad in Boston...

Says he was pathetic... and Shannon cosigns it saying, "he was," SMH

spitting is assault... that fan should be charged with assault

they talking about retaliating with violence... no.

there are laws in place for things like this

but they won't 

they want another malace in the palace so that they can jump on the players for retaliating with violence

instead of saying charge the fans with assault or hate crimes for making racial comments.

thats what will stop it.

let players whoop fans as - shannon

but if it actually happens, he will say, you just can't retaliate in that fasion lol smh

shannon constantly compares the players to animals as animals in the zoo

Skip admits that what the fan did with the popcorn was assualt

but instead of saying the fan should be charged... they talk about Russell should respond with violence, so that he would be punished also

"within the confines of nba rules"

no the person should be prosecuted within the letter of the law in general

again, Kyrie addressed fans taking things to far, and Jaylen brown said, yeah thats an issue, but knows not the time to address that bro.

i get it but not now bro

bro said now's not the time to talk about it... "1 day later" fan spits on Trae young and makes racist remarks to Ja Morant's dad.

same thing some people were saying to Kap

Skip is culpable in fueling the disrespect

against Russ and Trae

bring charges up on those fans

Skip says he doesn't understand how Trae became the ultimate villian

throw the stone and hide ya hand

skip threw stones and now hiding his hand and showing fake concern and acting surprised

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Brandon Marshall says it's okay for a player to be pushed out of the air

He chose his role as the hot take guy these guys are soft guy over respectability and obvious dangerous plays that could harm players

so if you're a player and you think he's for the players he's one of yall talking for yall and he's down and real... think again.

so now the players can't punch the players for throwing things at them and spitting on them - Nick Wright

so what is the recourse for those actions now? 

What should be done to the fans to curb those actions?

is banning them from the arena enough?

do you think they really care about that if they're willing to spit on the player?

that's not the action of a die hard fan who loves sports and would be devastated by not being able to return to the arena to support their team

that is the actin of a sadistic individual who sees the players as subhuman, and is willing to denigrate them with the utmost disrespect

that person could care less about being banned from going to see people who they've shown that they have hatred in their heart for.

watching them play on their huge flat screen in the mansion or yacht from now on would be just fine with them.


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here is a perfect example of how 2 completely different narratives can be crafted for the exact same reality...

one spun negatively and the other not even so much spun positively, just told with the facts of the matter

now the fact that Nick Wright is stating these facts of Leonard's career only shows that he is capable of being objective and seeing and expressing things as they are

But far too often he falls in line with the false and negative framing tactics of the majority of sports media pundits

which makes the instances when he does succumb to such low vibration reporting even more egregious, because he's proven he clearly knows better, and is therefore choosing to take such stances to disseminate information in a way that is detrimental to these athletes' character,  brands and livelihoods.

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Ocho says cp is not durable enough

not as just a general statement, or it being something thats unfortunate and heart breaking that he sympathizes with

he says it to say it is something that demishes his value... and his legacy

he goes on to layout every major injury cp has had

and he technically questions his mental toughness

he says he doesn't know

that leaves room for their being a possibility that cp isn't mentally tough because he keeps getting injured all the time. 

he compares ad being elbowed in the face to cp's injury which is apples and oranges

and he only does this to contrast what he percieves as one player being tougher than the other

when is a white player's toughness ever questioned for being hurt?

Andrew luck whole retired and no one even dared to question his toughness

he was actually praised as courages and tough for making the decision

and the one person who did call him out - gotlied was quickly put back in line for doing so

what down is up in this world

malcolm had a quote about how the media will have you thinking whats good is bad

they actually turned a cowardly action into a noble and courages one in the luck situation

have we ever heard him say andrew luck wasn't durable enough?

have we heard him say carson wentz isn't durable enough

have we heard him ben rothlisburger isn't durable enough?


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Wiley and Ocho literally created a qb competition out of thin air in new england 5/28

There kept saying, "if cam wins this job"

there is nothing for him to win!!!!!!!!!!!

Belichick said cam is the quarterback

he gave no inclination that he would be challenged for the position.

or that there is any type of competition for who will be the starting qb

so why are these two doing this?

why would they just make this narrative up?

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Ocho tells Wiley to, "stop the blasphemy" when he's reading off facts and stats about Cam's season last year

why would he call stating the facts blasphemy?

Wiley didn't even make analysis about the stats - he was just stating them

again... whats good is bad and whats up is down... smh

Why can't cam be the franchis qb for the patriots?

how can he say that so vehemently?

so what if he leads them to win a superbowl?


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Opening Act

crazy russian hacker

blue lotus

ronald reagan college tuition


Wiley says 49ers rookie qb received undue praise because coach described what he observed in practice
will he have that same energy for the early analysis of sunshine in practice?
Ji Soo Files Lawsuit Against False Accusations Of Sexual Violence
why doesn't Watson do the same thing?
why is no one calling out arod for being a liar?
if according to them, he is upset because packers drafted love?
yet he said in the interview that he had no problem with that draft pick?
show clips of them questioning whether what a player said is true...
it's not beyond the pale for the networks/programs to do this...
so what is the reason for them doing it?
what are they trying to program in you by choosing to do it for some players and not to do it for other players?
do they want you to be weary, not trust the word, question the integrity of certain players and not others?
why doesn't rodgers get that same treatment?
if arod threw a wrench in the packers plans by having a mvp season...
what does that mean?
what were their plans if arod playing good foiled their plan...
that means their plan was for him to play bad...
what would be the result of sending out a starting qb with the hopes of him playing bad?
the team would play bad...
so that means packers intentionally tanked or attempted to sabatage their season?
in luie of rodgers' revelation, should the packers now be investigated  for throwing games?
or disrespecting the integrity of the game?
everyone one has been in sync and in agrience with the packers having the plan to move on from rodgers and wanting him to play bad so they could replace him
just look at this crazy narrative they have created and ran with all just to defend this one player.
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Whoa you practically wrote half an essay.  

I thought this was going to be about the playoffs. 

I can't comment anything directly about this cause this is all new info to me and i don't have a ton of background info on this.

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