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Starting a Band

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Hello everyone I need a little help.

As you can see from the subject line I am starting a band. This band is going to be a school band. For my school band, I'm having trouble finding songs to cover. So can you help me? I need a song with easy vocals and a bass guitar.

Thank you 


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@Listener001 I will take a stab at helping you with this, now these songs are just a road map for you, I'm not sure if they would be anything for you to take a hold of, but perhaps songs that are very similar. 

1. Nirvana: "Come as You Are"

2. The O' Jays " I Love Music"

3. The Black Crowes "She Talks To Angels"

4. John Lee Hooker "Boom Boom"

5. Green Day "Long View"

6. Meghan Trainor "Like I'm Gonna Lose You"

7. ZZ Top "La Grange"

8. Robert Cray "Phone Booth"

9. Salt-N-Peppa "Push It"

10. The Ramones "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"  

Well. I wish you the best with your band, you take care and stay safe. 


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nirvana come as you are would be a fun song to perform but I'm not sure if that song is popular at my school mainly everyone listens to rap but maybe the band could do it the bass is really catchy and gives you those good band vibes 

the o jays i should've  seen that coming to this song is actually one of my favorites my mom would play this song in the car and its fun to dance to but the drums in the background my band has no drums and the drums really keep you on beat but maybe we could make some adjustments 


the lyrics to she talks to angels by the black crows that would be a slow and easy song to start off with as a warmup 

boom boom by john lee hooker i KNOW this song i have it on a playlist here in the pandora playlist swap or community i discovered this artist by a book i read "revolution"" its a good book  but im not sure if i could sing this song its gotta be school appropriate 

long view by green day our bass player is a beginner and these lyrics id have to do some improvising but then there's the drums again i dont have drums (supposingly a while back my school had a drum group but i think they were seniors so there gone)

i cant sing this song i might end up crying in the middle (only because breakups **ahem**)

i could only find a live version to la grange im not sure if pandora has a copy of this song that isn't live recording 

it would be fun to make a parody to this song phone booth i like this song but is this electric guitar or bass played on really high notes???

i dont have the guts to sing ""push it"" in front of a crowd but i can definitely make a parody to this song everybody would recognize the tune 


the ramonesssss why didn't i think of them my favorite song by them is "" i wanna be sedated"" but this song is really repetitive and people might walk away or sing along im not sure of the outcome if i were to perform this song but since its repertive itd be easy to memorize this song has cons and pros 

well you're song selections really helped me figure out what type of songs that my band could perform and what type of music variety i want the band to play from this i was able to think of songs like ""dont stop believing by journey otherside by the red hot chili peppers, underpressure by queen also another one bites the dust by queen. im going to definitely going to come back to u if i need anymore help because i need all the help i can get.

thank you so much 



@Listener001 you are welcome friend if I can help I will. You take care @Listener001 and stay safe. 

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Opening Act

I'm kinda late to this discussion, and I would have put my insight if I knew this topic was brought up. What kind of song genres are you wanting to cover?

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Diamond in the Rough

@Listener001 What genres do you want to cover? I have a station if you wanna do the kind of music I listen to. It's called Dynasty Radio. When you get there, go to crowd favorites. Listen to that for approximately 2.5 hours ALL TOGETHER. You don't have to in one sitting. Hope this helps! 

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Thank you for this suggestion. I'm listening to it right now.  I can listen to it for about 30 minutes right now cause I'm in math tutoring.  The first song I'm hearing on this is "Hold On" by Chord Overstreet. It's a nice song to start off with. Also, the next song that showed up is Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner. I'm very familiar with this song id love to see this for the band.   Ill continue giving updates as I'm listening. 


oh and a heads up so far my band has found a few possible songs. What we have so far is 

"Rises the Moon" by Liana Flores and possibly "A million dreams" by Pink from The Greatest Showman.

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I would suggest "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. It's a pretty song. It's an older song but I've heard it covered at a coffee shop a few years back and the artist did a great job with it.

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I listen to a  variety of music music. I'll check or your music if it's on Pandora.