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Anyone listen to 80's 90's Christian Metal? 

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Opening Act

Big fan... My mom had a rule growing up that she didn't care what type of music I listened to as long as she approved of the lyrics.  Mylon & Broken Heart and Degarmo & Key were my introduction to a rock sound.  Soon after I found the Vinyl of Stryper's In God We Trust album, and it was all downhill from there.

Styper soon brought me to bands like Bloodgood, Guardian, and Holy Soldier.  I then I found Deliverance, Tourniquet, Vengeance/Vengeance Risings Die Happy, Randy Rose/Rose (Who's new album Songs for the Ritually Abused is amazing), and more.

Next stop was bands like Demon Hunter, Zao, Becoming the Archetype, August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, War of Ages, For Today and more.

That doesn't even count Christian punk, ska, rock, hard rock, rap and more.

I've also been lucky enough to see number of those bands (Both new and old) in concert. However of all the concerts I've ever been to the Stryper's 30th Anniversary tour for To Hell with the Devil was by far the loudest I've ever been two.  Ears were muffled and rang for a full week after that show.

I listen to pretty much everything nowadays, but often head back to that era to hear old favorites.

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