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Thank you

Opening Act
  • Thank you moh loves Alaska now I have a couple likes and replies 
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@Sushilover563 truly my pleasure...It is always great to see new people within the Pandora community...I would love to assist you in any way I can...I'm looking forward to seeing what you create here in the community...Take care and GOD bless...

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Opening Act

I just want to give a special thanks moh  loves Alaska they was the one who liked my posted and replied when no one else did.


Hi @Sushilover563!

Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you here 😸.

Please check our Community Guidelines so you can get started 🤓.

Remember that talking about the same topic you can reply or edit a previous post or if you see a similar post to what you want to community you can reply to them.

In that matter I moved the other post you made here since both posts are related. 

Also, when you want to notify someone just make sure tu use the "@" before their name so they receive your message.

Hope to see you around!